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Marketing Audit

Maxime your business by identifying the gaps and opportunities to make data-driven decisions

Digital Marketing Audit Template

My website audit is the process of evaluating how well your website is optimized for search engines (SEO) and visitors (UX). It identifies errors that can prevent your site from ranking well and opportunities for visitors to convert more.

This is a comprehensive analysis in simple, jargon-free language. You'll uncover the top 5 immediate action items that can yield instant results for your website and its ranking.


This audit also dives into identifying untapped revenue-generating possibilities, and dissecting your competitors' strategies.


Gain a visual understanding of your unique online landscape and receive clear guidance on how to surge ahead in your competitive niche.

Website and SEO Audit

In today's digital landscape, a well-optimized website is the cornerstone of success for your business. Our comprehensive website audit process goes beyond the surface, peeling back the layers to reveal valuable insights and opportunities for improvement. Here are the areas we cover:

Indexing and crawlability: Search engines discovering and storing web pages, making them accessible for search results.

User experience: Optimizing a website to provide visitors with an engaging online journey that enhances their satisfaction.

Site architecture: The organized structure and navigation of your website, ensuring that content is logically accessible.

Competitor Benchmarking: Analyzing the performance and strategies of competing websites to gain insights.

Keyword Research: Identifying relevant search terms that visitors use when browsing to optimize content and visibility.

On-Page SEO: Optimizing individual web pages to improve your rankings and overall performance through content and tags.

Backlink Analysis: Assessment of external links pointing to your website, evaluating their quality, relevance and more.

Reporting: Tracking meaningful PPC KPIs to demonstrate ROI and guide strategy.

Are you eligible?

You get leads or online sales from your website

You are looking for the next best investment to grow their business

You want show higher up on Google Maps and Google Search

You are looking for a partnership with digital marketing experts and focus on quality

You earn less than $30k per year in revenue

You don't have a marketing budget and do not know your competitors

You don't have any CRM infrastructure or you don't know what it is

You think media agencies are a scam that you micro manage and want free services

Refer the Perfect Clients

If you happen to know a service-based business owner seeking to expand their customer base and boost their revenue, kindly refer them to us


Dentists / Orthodontists


Medical SPAs


Massage & RMTs








Financial Planning


Drop Shipping

Digital Products

Online Subscriptions

Online Retail


Online Courses

If you're aware of a business that isn't listed here, there's no need to worry. Please go ahead and send the referral, and we'll assess if we're a suitable match.

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