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Digital Marketing Case Study:

SEO & Paid Search Integration

Integrating Paid Search and SEO offers huge benefits! By combining the strengths of both channels, we can maximize our reach and capture user attention more effectively. The integration allows for shared keyword research and insights, leading to better optimization strategies and enhanced performance tracking.


Furthermore, the synergistic approach fosters collaboration and overall marketing effectiveness. Overall, it creates a comprehensive and strategic marketing approach that drives strong results in the short-term and supports long-term growth...


Church and Dwight Group includes a large variety of household and bodycare products classified as a CPG brands. As part of our long-term partnership, we recognized the importance of increasing our online visibility to reach a wider audience and drive sales. With the highly competitive nature of the CPG industry, we aimed to dominate the search engine rankings and leverage the power of paid advertising to maximize our online presence


The primary objective was to integrate paid search and SEO efforts to enhance Church and Dwight key brands' visibility across search engine results pages (SERPs). The priority was to increase organic rankings for low-performing keywords, while strategically utilizing paid ads to bolster its online presence and drive targeted traffic. As we worked with limited budget, it was crucial we had to identify the keyword overlap to ensure our investment was maximised 


The integrated strategy focused on 2 key elements: (1) leveraging paid search to compensate for low SEO rankings and (2) utilizing search query reports to inform content creation. By identifying low-ranking keywords through SEO analysis, we strategically targeted these keywords with paid search ads to ensure maximum impression share. Additionally, search query reports from Google Ads and Bing Ads provided valuable insights into user intent and popular search terms, which were then utilized for content creation and organic SEO optimization. We created a a consumer-led content strategy along with our existing brand-led positioning


The implementation involved close collaboration between us, the agency, and the clients who were implementing our recommended content. On one hand, low-ranking keywords were identified through comprehensive SEO analysis using BrightEdge, Moz and Google Search Console. On the other hand, Paid Search campaigns were updated to target those keywords effectively. The weekly search query reports from Google Ads and Bing Ads were carefully analyzed to identify popular search terms and user intent: any terms under 100 impressions were dismissed. Remaining ones were incorporated into the content creation process for blog posts, product descriptions, and website copy


The integration of Paid Search and SEO efforts yielded significant results for Church and Dwight brands. We experienced an incremental traffic increase of 53% and  higher visibility for low-ranking keywords. Paid Search ads boosted our brand exposure (Impression share) by 72% and helped identifying 16% more relevant keywords. Simultaneously, using search query reports for content creation resulted in enhanced organic search rankings and increased organic traffic monitored through Google Analytics. The combined efforts also led to improved engagement metrics, such as longer average time spent (dwell time) on the website and reduced bounce rates.


We significantly expanded our online visibility, reaching a broader audience and driving quality site traffic but also a boost of 13% of YouTube watch time. Leveraging search query reports for content creation allowed us to reshape our organic content with popular questions and user intent. We transformed the conversation and communication with our audience with higher brand satisfaction through a YouTube Ad Recall study


By integrating Paid Search and SEO, Church and Dwight brands successfully amplified their online visibility, expanded their reach, and achieved higher organic rankings. This case study demonstrated to other brands and other markets in EMEA about their benefits. We rolled out a best practice document and training for local teams for a consistent and comprehensive implementation

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