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E-commerce Insights & Strategies for 2024

Updated: May 10

We understand that our eCommerce clients have a dynamic pace and customer behavior that has transformed the way we shop and conduct business. With fast changes in technology and user preferences, your business must stay ahead of the curve to remain competitive. 

As we delve into 2024, we are aware that several emerging trends are set to reshape e-commerce. They present both challenges and opportunities for businesses like yours. A pertinent question arises: have our approaches to eCommerce remained steadfast, or have they undergone significant transformations? Let’s dive into these insights: 

🔑 Augmented Reality Shopping Experiences: Better Engagement and Interaction

🔑 Blockchain Technology: Transparency and Security in Logistics

🔑 Customized Loyalty Programs: Personalization Beyond Product Recommendations

🔑 Live Streaming Shopping: The New Trend that Sells Fast

🔑 Strengthened Security and Privacy Measures: Building Trust in a Digital Era

Augmented Reality Shopping Experiences 👨‍💻🛒

Even before the launch of Apple Vision Pro, AR technology already revolutionized the online shopping experience. It helped enable users to have immersive experiences from the comfort of their homes. By visualizing products in a real-world context, AR empowers consumers to make informed decisions before making a purchase. Brands like IKEA have successfully implemented AR technology, demonstrating its potential beyond a mere novelty. We are planning to test Meta Augmented Reality Ads for our top eCommerce client. Stay tuned for the results!

Blockchain Technology 💊👨‍💻

You must have heard of Blockchain technology and its association with cryptocurrency and NFTs: Surprisingly, the biggest potential lies within e-commerce. The system provides transparency and security, particularly beneficial for the logistics and merchandising teams to predict better inventory updates: Blockchain tech can improve real-time updates for restocking and shipments. With our content creator strategy across social media platforms, our top client relies on our UGC performance to restock their inventory due to its success over the last 12 months!

Customized Loyalty Programs 💛🦋

For years, we haven’t used the full extent of personalization beyond product recommendations in loyalty programs. In 2024, businesses can harness data analytics and AI to offer personalized content and allow users to tailor loyalty programs to their specific shopping habits and needs. This increased personalization fosters stronger connections between brands and customers! 

How do we do it? One efficient marketing strategy is through the use of dynamic parameters in our ads. Our partner, Yieldify, creates these parameters for top promotional ads to increase our client’s revenue by over 250% YoY. 

Livestream Shopping 🎥🛒

In a bid to revolutionize online shopping, Amazon pioneered its livestream shopping platform, Amazon Live, in 2019. Soon after, TikTok introduced a live shopping function. YouTube and Shopify also amplified their live shopping partnerships. Sound familiar? Perhaps you’re mentally waltzing down the cable television lane back to the QVC & HSN days. 

In 2024, consumers are not scrolling through static images and reading product descriptions anymore: they desire dynamic experiences, virtually interacting with sellers, asking questions in real time, and making purchase decisions. Ever heard of the live streamer Xiang Xiang? She spends only 3 seconds promoting each product and ends up earning US$18.7M in seven days! 

Strengthened Security and Privacy Measures 🔒🚨

Nowadays, online users prioritize websites and companies that guarantee personal data security. With the introduction of GDPR in Europe, CPPA in California, and CASL in Canada, governments are introducing more stringent online regulations: these acronyms are local market regulations to prospect user’s privacies: Online businesses must invest in advanced security technologies and adopt transparent practices to build trust. Strengthened security and privacy measures not only enhance consumer trust but also protect valuable data from competitors. So what’s the downside? It’s becoming more and more difficult to track user behavior across platforms, especially with the recent 3rd party cookie depreciation. For some clients, we have recently moved away from GA4 which focused on web events to Triple Whale

Taking Advantage Of The 2024 Trends 🙌🌎

We know when it’s a good time to follow a trend! We’ve helped companies rise to the top and implement successful media campaigns. Before jumping on these trends, we consider which trends fit your brand, industry, and customer needs. 

In 2024, it’s time to invest in technology such as data collection strategies, improved data encryption, and AI tools to enable these trends and navigate the e-commerce world with confidence. Shopping experiences will be at the heart of user decision-making. What actions are you planning to take to drive your business forward in 2024? Share your thoughts with me!

If you have any questions or need help with your marketing efforts, feel free to contact me.

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